Mobile broadband and mobile WiFi

The internet and the mobile phone have followed a development course that has often run parallel and, in some cases, even crossed each other's paths, so it is little surprise to find that the latest development in mobile broadband connectivity, mobile wifi, is one that is directly connected to the mobile phone networks.

When we first gained the ability to access the internet on the move it was in crude, slow and very expensive form; broadband changed all that, and the improvements in network ability to the current 3G levels we use today also added to the ease of use, but it is mobile WiFi that is set to take the world by storm.

Mobile WiFi takes the internet cafe principle and simplifies it; no longer are you forced to head for the nearest WiFi hotspot, for with mobile Wi Fi you simply create your own.

You do so by investing in a personal mobile WiFi modem akin to a dongle for mobile broadband and fitting in the same USB port and that is, fundamentally, it you are ready to go.

From anywhere with a signal on the 3G network you choose to use and most of the major providers have a system ready including an excellent one from the well regarded and long established 3 mobile network your mobile WiFi modem uses that signal to connect you to the internet.

whether you are on a train or in a cafe, a bar or a hotel you have your own personal hotspot with mobile Wi Fi, thanks to a very compact device and the mobile network.

3 mobile, like many others, offers a variety of mobile WiFi packages, with one being a set monthly fee that gives a standard amount of download time for the price.